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With our new panel you will have the ability to keep 100% independent, get in charge of every single or album release, see analytics, see how much money you have earned and distribute your music in a 5 to 10 days basics.




One other amazing thing you will enjoy for being part of our family, is the RIAA Awards once one or more of your releases reaches the requirements to earn a Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum Award, as we are partners of RIAA in representation of our artists we do all the process to get your Award and send it to your hands. 

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"I am glad to have Mh Musk as a collaborator in my career. 

They do a great job working on the Digital and not only in the organization part. 

I have learned a lot and being able to count on their advice is one of the best things 

that an artist can have. The truth is that I feel very happy, they are people I trust for their

knowledge and seriousness". -- La Materialista (Urban Artist) --



We can negotiate a personal deal based on the growth of your music.

if this is your case, please contact us, we will be glad to have you on board.


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